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BNP should learn from Sheikh Hasina how to lead the nation

Published : 02 Jul 2022 09:45 PM | Updated : 03 Jul 2022 04:17 PM

A political party must have ethos, ethics and ideals upon which it should run and work. However, it is very difficult to understand what the BNP is, and what goal it has been pursuing.

There is a proverb that the cuckoo lays eggs in the crow’s nest. The crow very happily lets it grow. But it is only when the baby cuckoo grows and flies away singing the cuckoo’s original melody, that the crow realises the mistake.


It would have been really best if it was happening in the case of the BNP, born in a military cantonment by general Ziaur Rahman with a view to legalizing his illegal power captured through brandishing arms. Though it has been born and nurtured in the garrison, the objective was to work with the mass people. They could have changed their characteristics like the baby of a cuckoo. With the changed form like the baby cuckoo they would have come closer to the people’s support, which they lost during the nation-wide blockade programme under which the unprecedented petrol bomb attacks burned hundreds of thousands of innocent people, though they love to identify themselves as a democratic party working for the people of the country. But in practice they are not doing so. Still they are pursuing the backdated policy of the rogue state of Pakistan, and that’s why they are going on the backfoot at every step.

BNP is not what it pretends to be. It has never practiced democracy since its inception. Negating the spirit of the independence and the liberation war, for which the valiant freedom fighters laid down their lives, seems to be the party objective.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu is regarded as the national anthem, but the BNP has not a bit of respect for Bangabandhu. That means they do not have respect for the independent Bangladesh too. They might still be thinking that the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu broke their beloved Pakistan. BNP’s foreign policy is towards their beloved Pakistan. And they had proved it at the international forum during Khaleda Zia’s first tenure in state power. The agenda was ‘the Bay of Bengal will be free from nuclear power’. They have voted under the instruction of Pakistan. So they have taken a clear stand against India which is our tested friend. Everybody knows that if India was not with us, our independence would simply be impossible.

During his illegal power, general Zia had taken all the steps that were against the spirit of independent Bangladesh.

Throughout the BNP tenure there was no development work that was as clear as daylight. They did not have any contribution in nation building work. During their tenure they were engaged in cracking down on their political opponents including resorting to dastardly grenade attacks against the Bangladesh Awami League which has the glorious past of leading the historic Independence War in 1971. Whenever the BNP is in power, the spontaneous growth of Islamic extremist groups takes place. They feel encouraged, and it is evident from the fact that the BNP formed government with Jamaat-E-Islami Bangladesh, meaning the party is based somewhere outside Bangladesh, and they don’t believe in the country’s independence. BNP loves to be the friend of those anti-state elements.   Throughout its political history, the BNP has failed to show respect to others, even failing to give due respect to the father of the nation. None of their leaders and workers show respect to the country’s founder. If someone or any organization does not respect the father of the nation, can they really have respect for the country?

Trees are known by their fruits and a person is known by his acts and deeds. Civilization teaches us to be respectful and courteous, which is also a precondition to be a democrat, and the democratic practice has its own art. Courtesy costs nothing. It has to be acquired. Human beings are regarded as the best creatures in the world, though the Roman philosopher Machiavelli gave an unkind and different designation to the human being and the Machiavelli’s doctrine has been reflected in our life when the father of the nation was brutally killed by the people of the soil of Bangladesh, of which Bangabandhu was so much proud of. Bangabandhu had dedicated his life for the social, political and economic emancipation of the people.

Bangabandhu has been successful in achieving his goal. He made Bangladesh a sovereign and independent country, but what an irony of fate that those who dared to kill Bangabandhu were Bengalees. The reality is that the people who can kill the father of the nation, it should not be wise to expect them to be respectful and courteous. They didn’t learn to be respectful and courteous. People can make a mistake but they should be apologetic if they are honest, sincere, respectful and courteous. It should be noted that the Padma Bridge project was abandoned by the BNP government. Now they are talking against the colouful and grand opening of Padm Bridge. On the other hand the international community including the World Bank has profoundly praised Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for successful completion of the Padma Bridge. But mysteriously neither Khaleda Zia personally nor her party officially congratulated Sheikh Hasina for the great success and the national pride, but rather the BNP leaders are supporting the miscreants who are trying to tarnish the country’s image by loosening the nuts of the railings of the bridge. General Zia had proved himself by his acts that he didn’t believe and uphold the spirit of the liberation war by dismantling the four state principles achieved through the war of liberation, he erased JoyBangla slogan which was the main inspiration of the freedom fighters who laid down their lives and blood during the liberation of Bangladesh. Zia was soully responsible for the killing of freedom fighters in the army by staging several military coups. Zia rehabilitated the Jamaat and anti liberation forces including providing Citizenship to Golam Azam. Similarly the present BNP leaders have proved that they didn’t want the Padma Bridge be constructed. And still they are finding fault against the construction of the bridge while the whole nation is heralding their pride and utmost happiness for the completion of the Padma Bridge. I don’t understand why they don’t try to know the people’s sentiment?    

Actually, BNP has never been emerged as a political organization. Since its inception, it could not act as a political organization as it was made by general Zia and it was recruiting people directly under the supervision of the army intelligence after the killing of the father of the nation in a military coup in 1975.  BNP has miserably failed in acquiring democratic characteristics. Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). This party neither believes in the Independent Bangladesh nor it has any obligation to the nation, meaning BNP is neither a party of Bangladesh, nor a nationalist and nor believes in the country’s freedom and independence. Like is said about the Holy Roman Empire that it is neither holy, nor Roman, nor empire.

With the successful opening up of the Padma Bridge despite tremendous opposition and conspiracies, the people, who love the country like a mother, an own mother, are over enthusiastic and their minds are teeming with utmost joy and happiness.

It was a battle winning joy. The people swarming from around the adjoining areas of the Jazira point the southern side of Padma Bridge. I had the opportunity to see the face of the victorious nation on the 16th of December 1971 when the Pakistani occupation army was compelled to surrender to the joint command of our freedom fighters and the Indian army. And God has allowed me to see for myself the inauguration ceremony of the Padma Bridge. The enthusiasm and joy of the people has reminded me of the victory day of 16th December. 

During their tenure BNP had abandoned the Padma Bridge project, now some of the BNP leaders claim that they have also initiated the project. Alright, if they have initiated the Padma Bridge project why don’t they officially congratulate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the successful completion of Padma Bridge at 'our own cost,' while the heads of state and government around the world including Pakistan (BNPs most favored nation) send greetings and felicitations to Sheikh Hasina. What is the problem of the BNP? Why can’t they accept the reality?

By their acts, deeds and rhetoric, the BNP itself have proved that they are not respectful towards the spirit of the liberation and the country’s independence. And neither are they interested in any of the national achievements. And that’s why they don’t care about praising or congratulating Sheikh Hasina for making possible the impossible by her ironfisted determination. Moreover, they should learn from Sheikh Hasina how to lead the nation defying monumental odds and obstacles.

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