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BNP’s yet another propaganda debunked

Published : 09 Dec 2022 09:38 PM | Updated : 10 Dec 2022 02:46 PM

The revelation of identity of Argentina jersey cladded ansar member whose photo in the clash with Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP) in business area Naya Paltan blew off BNP’s propaganda through its verified Facebook page slapping him as an activist of Awami League’s student wing. 

Shortly after the clash ended on December 7, BNP’s Facebook page posted photos of that official wearing Argentina jersey claiming “BCL caders in civilian uniform swooped on our activists in Naya Platan.

“Terrorists of Awami League are firing bullets at our supporters”, “in league with police officers, AL caders in broad day light are attacking our people”, “AL goons in association with police attacked our party HEADQUARTERS”, read captions of three different status with photos of that jersey wearing official posted from the party’s office page, named as “BNP media cell”.

Afterwards, these statuses started doing the round on social media with pro BNP users even weaved a further twist as they identified account of one AL Amin Rahman, a secretary of private university BCL unit, and slapped the blame on him. 

“Only because my profile picture holds the photo of putting on Argentina jersey, they deliberately targeted me and their followers  hurled expletives  at me” 

Calling this move as BNP’s “rumour driven politics” he added, “This is another example of BNP’s long pursued policy of spreading lies against us.. till noon  I was on my university campus.. in afternoon I watched cricket match between Bangladesh and India ”, AL Amin explained his reaction before media. 

“Even BNP leaders including Ishraque Hossain  shared these status from their accounts accused me of attacking them. After their postings, I and my family have been receiving threats and even friends from overseas also contacted us to know details”. added AL Amin. 

The 24 hour rumor mongering campaign finally fizzled out as Mahidur Rahman, a member of Ansar team, attached to the capital’s paltan thana, appeared before media to clarify his stance. 

“Whenever an alarm rings inside our compound, we are told to assemble at a designated location and report our senior irrespective of our dress. I was lying in bed after having a meal.. As BNP men locked in clash, the alarm rang..I was in my room wearing the jersey but rushed to the spot with my jersey as we were told for additional deployment as our colleagues were injured”, added Mahidur in an interview with media. 

“Without delay we were dispatched there..I didn’t even have time to wear bullet proof vest”, clarified Mahidur. 

Now the revelation came out, netizens also came down heavily on BNP reminding the party of its earlier instances of rumor peddling with Jamaat e islami to save convicted war criminal known as Delwar Hossain Sayedee.

“Sayedee was sighted on the moon” was one such infamous propaganda the party activists used to attack minorities few years back. 

However, amid such criticisms following revelation of these identities BNP did not offer any clarification on their pages with some pages quietly removed the content.

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