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BNP in deep crisis

Published : 29 Aug 2022 10:34 PM | Updated : 29 Aug 2022 10:36 PM

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), which has been suffering from leadership crisis, has become even more frustrated following Jamaat-e-Islami’s departure from the BNP-led alliance.

It is also known that internal feud among the party leaders and also among its allies, have left many high ups in the party frustrated.

It is widely known that the BNP has no leader for a long time to command the party as the party’s chairperson Khaleda Zia, who is a convict, is almost physically unfit to lead the party. Her elder son Tariq Rahman, who has been given the charge of the party as the acting chairperson of BNP, is a fugitive in many cases, including the gruesome August 21 grenade attack case.

Absconding Tariq Rahman has been leading the BNP staying in London for years. In this circumstance, the BNP has been suffering from leadership crisis. 

Meanwhile, in absence of the main leader, other leaders of the BNP also have become divided into groups due to mistrust among them and lack of confidence to each other. 

Moreover, Jamaat chief Dr Shafiqul Alam recently has said that their party is no more with the BNP-led alliance in the movement or in any activities. The Jamaat leader also mentioned that Jamaat was compelled to leave the BNP-led alliance due to BNP’s non-cooperation with Jaamat.

Sources said the statement of the Jamaat chief has left the BNP into a deep crisis while the BNP leaders have become divided into fictions.

According to sources, the BNP had been in a deep confusion centring the Jaamat, which had played the main role against the Independence of Bangladesh during the War of Liberation in 1971.  

Some of the BNP leaders want that they should continue politics keeping Jammat away from the alliance while some others want to continue movement along with Jammat. In this circumstance, BNP’s leadership became divided into parts.

It should be mentioned that the BNP, which has now no leader to command the party, has also become alone in the political field as almost all the allies already have left the BNP.

Although, BNP which earlier was in the power for several times, has been trying to forge a strong anti-government movement before the next 12th National Elections. It could not come to a consciousness with any of the parties.

The party so far has held a series of meetings with at least 22 minor parties. But, they could not agree with the BNP due to mistrusts among each others.

Staring from May 24, BNP at the meetings had tried to make all the parties to launch a movement against the government from a single platform. But, most of the parties did not agree with the BNP.

Many of the leaders of BNP and other parties are not sure whether they would take part in the next elections or not.