bKash cuts ‘Cash Out’ charge

Published : 02 Oct 2021 09:01 PM | Updated : 03 Oct 2021 07:24 PM

BKash, the largest mobile financial service provider of the country has reduced Cash Out charge to make customers’ transactions more affordable. They can now Cash Out up to Taka 25,000 per month from a favorite agent (Priyo Agent) at reduced charge of Taka 14.90 per thousand. This includes all costs including VAT, and customers need not pay any extra charge.

Any of bKash’s 55 million customers can now enjoy the reduced Cash Out charge. Recent analysis on bKash transactions shows that 95 percent customers ‘Cash Out’ within Taka 25,000 per month. Keeping that in mind, bKash has come up with this new Cash Out charge to ensure a more affordable service marking its 10th anniversary.

To avail the service, a customer has to add a favorite bKash agent number in every calendar month. At the end of each calendar month, customers can change the favorite agent number, if required.

To add a favorite agent number, a customer needs to follow a few simple steps after tapping on the ‘Cash Out’ icon from the home screen of bKash app. Customers can also add a ‘Priyo Agent’ through dialing USSD code *247# and selecting 'Priyo Number' from 'My bKash' menu. Details of how to add a favorite agent number will be available in this link . 

In case of Cash Out over Taka 25,000 in a month, the charge will be taka 18.50 per thousand. To Cash Out from any agent other than ‘Priyo Agent’, the charge will be the same.

Besides, customers can still enjoy Cash Out at a charge of taka 14.90 per thousand from more than 1,500 ATMs of several commercial banks across the country

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People working in the urban areas, especially garment workers, day laborers, rickshaw pullers, small traders and of various professions regularly transact money with their loved ones through bKash. Their loved ones, living in different parts of the country, then Cash Out at a nearby agent point according to their convenience.

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