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Biman cuts fares for ME countries

Published : 04 Jan 2022 10:43 PM

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national flag carrier, has announced a reduction in ticket prices on five routes in the Middle East marking its 50th anniversary.

Bangladesh Biman Deputy General Manager (DGM) Tahera Khandaker confirmed the information on Tuesday. 

Tahera Khandaker said, “Biman Bangladesh Airlines has decided to reduce the ticket price for expatriates going to the Middle East. The new fares would be effective from January 16 on the purchase of new tickets on the Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai and Abu Dhabi routes, subject to vacancies. However, the lower level of rent will continue as always.” 

According to the rules of the International Private Aviation Authority (ICAO), airline tickets are usually sold in a few steps, called slabs. Tickets for each slab on the same flight are priced differently. For this reason, the earlier purchase ensures the lower the ticket price. Delay in purchase of tickets makes the price go higher.

The one-way maximum fare for each economy class ticket on the Dhaka-Jeddah route has been reduced to Tk 64,820 from Tk 72,455.

The maximum one-way economy class fare on Dhaka-Riyadh and Dammam routes has been reduced from Tk 70,758 to Tk 63,123.

In addition, the maximum one-way economy class fare on the Dhaka-Dubai route has been reduced from Tk 75,508 to Tk 62,784. The maximum one-way economy class fare on the Dhaka-Abu Dhabi route has been reduced from Tk 67,025 to Tk 58,542.  

After being closed for a long time for Covid-19, the labor markets of Bangladesh in different countries of the world including the Middle East have started to open one by one. This has also opened the way for expatriate workers to return to their work. 

But the ticket price of Middle Eastern Airlines has become an obstacle for them. Passengers complain that they have to buy tickets twice or three times higher than during the normal time.

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