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Bike, bike everywhere and no room for others

Published : 07 May 2022 10:51 PM | Updated : 08 May 2022 01:47 PM

Millions of motorcycle journeys during the Eid vacation are noticeable.

Many choose this option to avoid suffering in the buses and trains during Eid. However, this trend has again caused the most deaths on the road.

In the last few years, more motorcyclists have died on the roads during the Eid journey. Again, more than half of those who died in bike accidents were not old enough to get a license.

This time, the number of deaths from accidents while returning home for Eid was much less. However, from the day of Eid, the information of death kept going up.

According to a report published in the media by an organization called Road Safety Foundation, 249 people were killed in road accidents across the country in the 10 days before and after Eid. 97 of them were motorcyclists. On an average, it stands at 39 percent.

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Of those who died in bike accidents, 56 percent or 51 were minors. They are not old enough to get licenses.

This time, before and after Eid, due to the opportunity of 9 days of holidays, the journey from the city to the village was beyond imagination. This time, village bound journeys were huge. For the first time, other vehicles have been parked at the ferry terminal to transport only bikes. On the way to the north, a long line of bike riders was seen at the toll plaza near Bangabandhu Bridge. This bike ride has undoubtedly reduced the pressure on buses, trains or launches. However, since the day of Eid, a large part of the news of road accidents has been bike-centric. According to the Bangladesh Passengers Welfare 

Association, 323 people were killed and 622 injured in 318 road accidents during Eid last year. Among these, 139 bike riders died. Another 199 people were injured.

Executive director of the Road Safety Foundation Saidur Rahman told the media, “Motorcycles have become more popular as an alternative to public transport. Even people who are not used to driving on highways have traveled hundreds of kilometers on motorcycles. Most of the accidents are due to recklessness, speeding and driver incompetence.”

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