Berger Revamps Berger Home Décor to Berger Experience Zone

To ensure better and more interactive services for its customers, Berger Paint Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) has rebranded ‘Berger Home Décor’ to ‘Berger Experience Zone’ enabling a vast expansion of existing services.

Services from Berger Experience Zone range from Express Painting Services to aesthetic design painting solutions – Illusions. Berger Experience Zone through its trained painters and color experts provide consultancy on right product selection and desired color scheme selection.  In addition, the whole task of painting with automatic painting machines is meticulously supervised by trained color consultants in order to ensure the best painting experience for the customers. 

Berger Experience Zone has VR (Virtual Reality) devices that enable clients to experience different shades within the shortest possible time. Berger is also set to bring Mixed Reality (MR) augmentation soon. With Mixed Reality, clients can set up their own home in the virtual space to see what suits them best. 

Md Hasanuszzaman, Head of Projects, Prolinks and Experience Zone said, “Paint job is a very sophisticated task and it requires close supervision. A slight change in shade and finishing can hamper the aesthetic view of people’s living or working place. And this slight change in aesthetics might have significant detrimental effects on people’s moods. So, by thinking about our customers, we are pleased to say that we are switching our Home Décor into Experience Zone so that from now on all of our customers can receive all the advanced Experience Zone services.”