BEPZA Public School and College starts at Ishwardi EPZ

BEPZA Public School and College, Ishwardi EPZ has started its journey aiming to provide standard education to the children of officials, employees, & workers of Ishwardi EPZ (IEPZ) as well as the people living surrounding  the EPZ. 

Earlier, the Chairman of BEPZA Board of Governors, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina instructed BEPZA in it's 34th board meeting to establish a school in the dormitory cum training centre of Northern Area Poverty Reduction Initiative project of Ishwardi EPZ. 

Following the, Major General S M Salahuddin Islam BP, SPP, ndc, psc, Executive Chairman of BEPZA formally inaugurated the school on Sunday. The students of class one to twelve will be taught in this institution financed by BEPZA. Initially, the educational activities of class one to four have been started in this year, which will be gradually taken to class twelve. 238 students have already been admitted from class one to four here. In the next year, it will be graduated to class eight when around 700 students will get education opportunity from this institution.

Apart from attracting local & foreign investment, boosting export and generating employment, BEPZA has established Public School & Colleges in other EPZs in order to ensure modern and standard education for the children of workers and employees of the EPZs as a part of social responsibility. The IEPZ workers’ children will get education here in 50% subsidized tuition fee like other BEPZA Public School & Colleges.

Mentionable, Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, by her pragmatic decision, established IEPZ in 2001. This EPZ has become the hub of export oriented manufacturing sector as well as contributing a lot in the socio-economic development and women empowerment of the region.