Food Review

Beef Steak Meal at Madchef X

Shohorab Hossain
Last week I went to Chef’s Table with an intention of trying something new. I had a couple of friends with me who were new at the area and wanted to try something different. Upon arriving at Level 2 of the Unimart Building on Gulshan 2, my eyes first met on a very familiar name, Madchef. But of course, it was Madchef X, the Madchef outlet that tried out experimental dishes to test and brought new additions to their menu.

We asked for the menu and were honestly surprised to see so many new dishes that they do not have in the regular Madchef outlets. Considering myself as the ‘MadFan’ that I am, I instantly wanted to try every single item on the menu. But after much debate, I settled for the Beef Steak Meal (BDT 861). The meal intrigued me because I was already a huge fan of its counterpart, the Chicken Steak Meal. So, with much anticipation, I waited for my order to arrive.

The meal contained 200 grams of premium steak, sautéed vegetables and rice topped with a sunny side up. It took them about fifteen minutes to serve up and it was everything I imagined in my head. The vegetables were fresh; the rice was warm and the steak, my goodness! It was perfect! The meal was appetizing as it was appealing. Every bite of the steak mixed with the savoury flavour of the rice was everything needed for a proper meal. Next time if I have to choose, it would be tough to say no to this meal, because I know, I am going to come back for it again.

Place – Madchef X, Chef's Table, Gulshan 2,
Dhaka 1212
Item – Beef Steak Meal (BDT 861)
Rating – 4.5/5

 Shohorab Hossain is an entrepreneur