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Become steakaholic with LongHorn

Published : 15 Oct 2019 08:18 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 01:58 PM

Meat lovers rejoice! Even though it is located in the heart of Dhaka’s latest food hub, LongHorn Steak & Pizza is comparatively new to the food lovers’ market. The point is that you have to come with a clear mind to try out their delicious meaty delicacies to fully appreciate their plethora of steaks.

Steak has been available in the capital for over a decade now. And with every passing year, the competition in the field is increasing and getting tougher. As a result, steak house owners are also getting engrossed in perfecting their art of making steak. An initiative of a few friends, LongHorn has recently started its journey during this year’s month of Ramadan, May. And since then this little initiative, purely bred from passion, has turned into a lot of steak lovers’ frequent option. While talking to owners Md Mahdin Hasan and Md Asadus Sadeque Talukder we not only came to learn about how LongHorn started its journey but also learned about their expanded menu of meaty platters.

To begin you must order the meat type T-bone medium rare. They provide a hearty meal with 270 grams of prime T-bone cut and sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes or garlic potato as per the customer’s choice and it all rounds up to BDT 999. The juicy steak is easy to cut and the special mushroom sauce adds a nice touch to it. The fat content is perfect. The fresh cuts of meat taste quite delicious as well.
Their seasoning rub is quite diverse with rosemary and mustard which is imported from Netherlands. However, the secret is that they marinate and keep the meat prepared for almost 4-5 hours before preparing the platter and serving it to the customers. This process helps the flavours from the spices seep into the meat fibers and helps the cuts taste better. This one meal alone will be enough to fill you to the brim so better come with a big appetite.

But if someone is allergic to beef but still wants to get a full steak experience from LongHorn then there are options for BBQ Chicken Steak (BDT 399) which comes with fresh garden salad, cocktail sauce and chef’s special friend rice and the main mouth watering piece at the center is the 200 gram half boneless chicken.

LongHorn not only focuses on steaks but also it serves pizza! And one which the owners recommend you must try is the LongHorn Special Mexicana Hot Pizza (BDT 699/ BDT 899). Disclaimer! This is only for those who can hold on to their wits in the face of immense spiciness. Whether eight inch or twelve what you are going to get is a mouthful of fiery flavor coming from jalapeños and delicious tasting cheese which they serve with mayo and tomato sauce.

Coming to their array of sandwiches, don’t expect the typical brown or white bread club sandwiches. Theirs is a special dish served with gourmet bread cuts which are filled with your choice which you can offer from the menu. We ordered the Tomato & Cheese sandwich (BDT 249) and it was sufficient enough to please our appetite.

Moving onto their unique factor, they serve authentic Indo-Malaysian Nasi Gorengs. Starting from Udang to Jamur these are special platters which come with chicken sauté, sunny -side-up poached egg and peanut sauce. Except Nasi Goreng Jamur which is a bit less the other dishes of the category all other cost around BDT 499.

Other than the above mentioned cuisines there are few honorable mentions which must be named— Shrimp Cocktail (BDT 199), Slamon Steak (BDT 1199), Rib-eye Steak (BDT 999), Beef Supreme Burger (BDT 229).

Place            - LongHorn, Malibag Chowdhury Para,

Pocket Pinch - BDT 1500 for two (approx)

Opening Hours - Sat to Fri
                                    1pm to 11pm