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Bangladesh will defeat Corona soon

Published : 12 Aug 2021 10:10 PM | Updated : 13 Aug 2021 03:31 PM

The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is engaged in all out efforts to fight the Corona pandemic, and at her instructions, the foreign ministry has confirmed billions of doses of vaccines from different countries around the world.

Fighting the corona virus is not a difficult task as mankind has had experiences in the past. Several vaccines were developed and those viruses have been dealt with by the global organizations. Two crore people have been vaccinated so far and another Six crore jabs in the pipeline. 

It is mentionable that Bangladesh under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been enjoying a wholehearted support extended by the global leaders and the organizations engaged in producing vaccines. 

Now the corona virus is being handled very carefully and will be over very soon like were the viruses in the past.

The world community is focused on the issue and engaged in dealing with this virus in a very careful way to save the mankind. Quite a number of vaccines are already in the global market. More researches on vaccine are being conducted by different international organizations and institutions to fight these deadly viruses throughout the world. World famous universities and their institutions are trying to find out the world recognized technique to fight the corona virus effectively. 

Bangladesh is no exception. Since the breakout of the virus, Bangladesh with the all out efforts of the present government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is engaged in all out efforts to save the people of the country, and accordingly, significant progress has been made in fighting the devastating corona pandemic.

Mass vaccination has been started throughout the country, at the hospitals and clinics of Bangladesh. With our coordinated and all out effort Bangladesh must be able to defeat this virus.

Covid-19, an unseen disease has been traveling from neighboring West Bengal, and we hope it will finish its journey through Bangladesh in around the next two months. The expert groups, that are regularly monitoring the day to day updates, are optimistic about an early recovery from this deadly and devastating pandemic.    

The new wave of delta variant, which has had devastating effects in India, has emerged as more furious toward the people who are reluctant to wear masks and maintain the health care guidelines, putting them into worst case scenarios.  Now, the use of masks and other health guide utilities are being increased over the months of efforts by government machinery and other agencies.

We the people of Bangladesh, though we have so many social problems, and with so many overpowered by backdated thinking due to religious influences, have a glorious past in fighting against all odds. We must fight this corona virus pandemic by maintaining the health guidelines including frequently using hand sanitizers and washing hands and mouth every now and then. It is a world recognized aspect to maintain strict health guidelines in our everyday life. And it is also said that the health guidelines is much more important than the medicine.

It can be taken as guaranteed that with the strict maintaining of health guidelines, we will be able to fight the devastating effects of the deadly corona virus.

Bangladesh is a most densely populated country with a complex and catastrophic health care system, and it is known to all that the lack of health care in the country’s hospitals and clinics are main causes for the increasing number of deaths in recent days. But that is still not so alarming like in the USA, England, Italy and Spain where the death rate was alarmingly high.

The delta variant took on a devastating form in India, and now it is much better than in the other countries of the world. The world community, which has poured all resources available with them into fighting the corona pandemic, has given top priority, and has quickly developed the vaccines, and they continue to develop more effective treatment. 

The government of Bangladesh is also taking it as a challenge, and accordingly, from day one, has started creating potential barriers against the corona virus. Initially, the government, with its all resources available, has produced inspirational results. The administration and the party leaders and activists are being engaged in voluntary works which tremendously helped the corona affected patients in the rural and urban areas of the country to survive. Philanthropic activities by the Awami League leaders and workers have also encouraged the other young people to come forward for the salvation of the corona positive poor of the country. With the whole hearted efforts of the government and its other organizations, the first wave of Covid-19 could not expand its devastation so seriously, and the rates of infection and death were much lower than in other countries of the world.

The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is exerting its all-out efforts to prevent the virus and keep the economy vibrant by its so many stimulus packages. It is really optimistic that within a very short time the country will be able to overcome the pandemic if we help the government efforts and maintain the health guidelines.