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Advance Eid train ticket sale for July 5

All tickets sold out within hours

Published : 01 Jul 2022 10:40 PM | Updated : 02 Jul 2022 04:15 PM

Train passengers who waited in queue for hours for advance tickets have expressed their anger as all the tickets for July 5 were sold out within three hours of opening the counters.

Advance train tickets have started selling on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha festival. Tickets for July 5 were on sale on Friday. As claimed by many passengers who waited at the back in queue at the counters for tickets, only a few in the front of the queue got the tickets while the rest did not.

Due to slow pace of ticket selling, people’s suffering mounted at the Kamalapur Railway Station. During this time, chaos emerged as waiting passengers at the back of the queue started to shout to speed up the ticket issuing process. A few, in the meantime, fell sick due to excessive heat.

Such a situation was seen on the first day of Eid train ticket sales in the capital. Many alleged that there was still an option to buy tickets from black market.

Kamalapur Railway Station Manager Mohammad Masud Sarwar said, “There was no scope of selling tickets vendors. People from different agencies including the ministry are monitoring the ticket selling process. Besides, no one is being given a ticket without a national ID card. So there is no scope of ticket being sold in the black market.”

Tickets for 37 intercity trains from seven places, including the capital, started selling on Friday. Tickets sold both from counter and online continued simultaneously. Almost 4 lakh hits were received for 12,000 tickets at 8 am. People are suffering due to more hits. Those who can't access the app are basically complaining," he added. 

Advance train tickets are available at six stations in Dhaka and Joydevpur station in Gazipur. Among them, tickets for the northbound intercity train are available at Kamalapur railway station. And train tickets for Rajshahi and Khulna are available from Kamalapur suburban platform.

All intercity train tickets to Chittagong and Noakhali are available from Dhaka Airport railway station. Mymensingh, Jamalpur and Dewanganj train tickets are available at Tejgaon railway station.

Besides, tickets for Mohanganj-bound Mohanganj and Haor Express trains are available at Dhaka Cantonment Railway Station. Tickets for Sylhet and Kishoreganj trains are available from Fulbaria Railway Station.

Tickets for July 6 will be available today (Saturday). Tickets for July 7 will be given on July 3. Tickets for July 8 will be available on July 4 and tickets for July 9 will be available on July 5.

Besides, return tickets will be on sale from July 7. Tickets for July 11 will be sold on the same day.