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Showdown to continue until December

Published : 29 Oct 2022 10:06 PM | Updated : 30 Oct 2022 03:22 PM

Ruling Awami League has taken the challenge of keeping the political field in its own grip through a two-month long continuous programme, which began on October 22 with a huge gathering at Narayanganj centring the council of the Narayanganj district unit of Awami League.

As part of the challenge, the ruling party held another mammoth gathering on Saturday at the capital's Agargaon centring the council of Dhaka district unit of Awami League.

Witnesses said that the entire open ground, adjacent to the Bangabandhu International Conference Center earlier used for International Trade Fair, was overflowed by the presence of the leaders, activists and supporters of the Awami League

According to sources, the two-month long continuous programme of the Awami League will be concluded through the holding of the national council of the ruling party on December 24.  

Before the national council of the Awami League, the ruling party will remain busy holding various programmes, including the holding of councils of the party's different units and various affiliated organisations from the central to the grassroots level during the month of the November. 

Besides, the party has chalked out another month-long program in December, the month of victory. The ruling party plans for large public gatherings with showdowns through these programs.

Sources in the Awami League said that the ruling party is going to organise rallies with huge gathering on different occasions until next December. Those occasions include the 'Jail Killing Day' on November 3, Martyr Nur Hossain Day on November 10, Martyr Dr. Milon Day November 27, the Martyr Intellectuals Day on December 14 and the Great Victory Day on December 16.

Meanwhile, councils of several district units of Awami League will also be held in the month of November. Specially, the main showdowns will be held centring the councils of different district units around the capital Dhaka.

The party has already held two big rallies centring the councils of Narayanganj district on October 22 and Dhaka district on Saturday.

Besides, another big showdown is also being prepared centring the council of Narayanganj Metropolitan Awami League on Tuesday.

Advocate Jahangir Kabir Nanak, Awami League presidium member, said Awami League does not believe in the politics of counter programe. 

He said, "The national council of the party is scheduled to be held on December 24. Besides, we are now busy strengthening the organization in the grassroots level as the next parliament election is nearing."

"As a people's party, we will hold meetings in many ways. We will carry out our own programs. There is no scope to consider these as counter-programs", he added.

AFM Bahauddin Nasim, a joint secretary of Awami League, said that BNP never believes in democracy. Their one and only aim is to reap benefit from creating an unstable situation in the country. They remain always busy conspiring. Now they are again threatening with a ultimatum of 'December 10. But Awami League is never scared of such type threatening.

"We don't want to walk into their trap. We will be in the field with our program", he added.