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Admin cadres want part in UN Peace Missions

Published : 19 Jan 2022 10:38 PM | Updated : 20 Jan 2022 02:18 PM

Now administration cadre officials want to take part in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.

The administration cadre officials placed such a proposal in this regard on Wednesday, the second day of the ongoing DC Conference being held at Osmani Memorial Auditorium.

Rangpur Divisional Commissioner, Md. Abdul Wahhab Bhuiyan placed the proposal in a written document for discussion by the Ministry of Public Administration.

In the proposal, the Rangpur Divisional Commissioner mentioned a logic in favour of his proposal saying that since at present personnel from the Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Ansar and doctors are working in the UN Peacekeeping Missions, there is a need of inter-forces-coordination.

Asked, KM Ali Azam, senior secretary to the Public Administration Ministry, told journalists that the proposal was discussed by the ministry.

He said, “The issue of UN missions depends on which country the UN mission will go to and based on the demand from the UN there.”

“People from countries that work a lot at UN missions usually get these benefits”, senior secretary KM Ali Azam said and continued as saying that the Public Administration Ministry has decided to send a letter to the Permanent Representative of the United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard.

The highest number of personnel from different forces from Bangladesh, including, Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Ansar and doctors, work in the UN Missions.

According to sources, on the second day of the DC Conference, all the DCs have been advised to maintain the highest caution as infection by Omicron, a new variant of Corona, is increasing alarmingly.

Besides, the DCs at the conference also placed another proposal for the construction of three hospitals at three divisional cities.

Ali Azam said, “We have received proposals from three divisional cities regarding the construction of three hospitals and it has already been decided in principle.”

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