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8,500 nurses to be hired soon to check virus

Published : 09 Jul 2021 09:34 PM | Updated : 10 Jul 2021 12:38 AM

The government has urged the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) to employ 8,534 nurses across the country soon to enhance services in the medical sector to check the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PSC has been directed to recruit the nurses through preliminary selection, without issuing a separate notification considering the emergency situation in the ongoing pandemic crisis, according to PSC sources on Thursday.

A notification issued on March 1 last year, called for the recruitment of 2,500 senior staff nurses. Later, when the pandemic situation deteriorated, it was decided to recruit 4,000 nurses from the candidates.

However, the government has recently decided to call for recruiting more nurses taking the fragile pandemic situation into consideration.

As part of this, the government has sent demand letters for recruitment of 8,534 nurses out of the candidates who have applied for PSC circular. The demand letter reached PSC on Wednesday.

In this regard, PSC Chairman Sohrab Hossain told the media, "The government has a special urge to appoint nurses and doctors during the crisis period. Subsequently, it is our highest priority. As many nurses as the government wants, if the PSC has that number of qualified candidates, there is no problem in recruiting."

A notification was published on March 1 last year for the recruitment of 2,500 staff nurses. The MCQ examination for the post of Senior Staff Nurse was held on January 28. PSC published the results of MCQ examination on 28 February. The PSC then announced the date of the written test to be held on April 10.

However, this written test was postponed due to a surge in the Coronavirus transmission. Later, a new date was announced and 15,228 candidates who passed the MCQ examination took part in a written test. 

The viva voce of the candidates who passed the MCQ examination was then postponed again due to another wave of Covid-19 transmission.