7 precautions to take against coronavirus (COVID-19)

Published : 07 Mar 2020 06:58 PM | Updated : 13 Feb 2022 03:55 PM

The number of people suffering from coronavirus is increasing day by day. Almost 90,000 people worldwide are suffering from the disease and almost 3,200 people died from it.

Experts still have not figured out how this disease spreads from one person to another exactly but they are still cautioning people about how to prevent the disease.

If people follow these suggestions and are alert enough, they can prevent getting contaminated by coronavirus. The suggestions for preventing this disease are as follows:

1. Public Transport: Public transport should be avoided. Anyone can be affected by touching the grab handles on buses trains and the seats may be contaminated by the virus. There are a lot of passengers on public transport who may be contaminated. The best way to prevent getting ill from public transport is wearing a surgical mask and using gloves. Passengers should wash their hands thoroughly after taking a public transport ride.

2. Workplace: Many people sharing the same computer and desk can increase the risk of coronavirus spreading from one person to the other. Experts and doctors say that coronavirus spreads from coughing or sneezing. To prevent this, people should clean their desk, chair, computer, keyboard and mouse with an alcohol based wipe and people should cover their mouth with their elbow when sneezing or coughing.

3. Crowded Places: Crowded places such as theatres, halls, playgrounds, mosques should be avoided, as they have a high risk of being contaminated with the virus. For a Muslim majority country like Bangladesh, where a lot of people gather at mosques on Fridays for Jummah prayers, experts suggest to maintain caution and cleanliness.

4. Banks and Financial Institutions: Whenever customers at a bank are given service, often they use the same pen that has been used by a lot of other people which may transmit the virus from one person to another. To avoid this people are suggested to carry their own pens which helps reduce the risk of the virus contaminating other people. Also the notes in banks and financial institutions changes thousands of hands everyday which can spread the virus. The buttons in ATM booths and the booth itself should be cleaned as everyone touches the buttons.

5. Elevators: Another contaminated place may be the elevator in your office or your home. People use the buttons in the elevator which may spread the virus. In offices there are far more people using the same elevator which increases the risk of the virus spreading.

6. Notes and Bills: One of the most unhygienic things in the world is currency notes. The notes exchange thousands of hands every day. Notes and bills spread a lot of virus and illnesses including coronavirus. Researchers found bacteria on the notes that cause serious illnesses.

7. Congratulating People and Handshakes: Virus spreads when people shake hands with each other or hug each other to congratulate them. For this reason people should keep themselves hygienic and clean. Experts and doctors suggest that people should maintain a distance of 3 feet between each other to reduce the risk of this virus spreading.

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