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42,298 govt posts vanish

Published : 21 Oct 2021 10:40 PM | Updated : 24 Oct 2021 03:45 PM

A total of 42,298 posts in various departments, have been abolished during the Corona crisis.

Among these, there are various posts of 1st to 20th grade of the 8th National Pay Scale, sources said.

Although these posts were in the manpower structure of ministries, departments and agencies, they were ineffective for a long time, they mentioned.

So, the required manpower was not recruited, officials said adding that, the Ministry of Finance has agreed to the proposal to abolish these posts.

Most of these have been abolished by the Ministry of Railways, they said.

The Expenditure Management Division of the Ministry of Finance and the Division of State-Owned Institutions are working to abolish the posts in the revenue sector.

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When asked, Sulekha Rani Basu, additional secretary of the Expenditure Management Department said that at the end of the project, many people came from the court with instructions to include them in the revenue sector.

For this reason, they are included in the revenue sector, he said adding that, this is done through a process. So, the previous terms are abolished and new posts are created, he mentioned.

Besides, the concerned ministries and departments are not recruiting manpower for the posts which have been vacant for a long time, he said.

Based on their proposals, the finance department agrees to the abolition of the posts, he further said.

Mahbub Ahmed, former senior finance secretary, said that there are some posts in many government institutions which are not been filled for a long time.

“The terms are invalid. Due to this, the posts were abolished,” he said.

Besides, when many agencies, directorates, and directorates were dissolved, all the posts of the concerned institutions were abolished, he mentioned.

“Some terms are changed as well. As before there were peon posts in government offices,” he mentioned.

Now that the positions are removed, he said adding that some such terms were abolished. 

In addition, if the posts are abolished, the government's expenses are saved.

According to sources, out of the abolition of posts of government officials and employees, 185 cadre posts have been permanently abolished.

Besides, 5,278 posts from the project have been temporarily transferred to the revenue sector. As a result, these posts have been abolished.

Moreover, there are 195 other cadre posts. The remaining 36,640 posts are of different types.

A senior official of the finance ministry said that at one time there were office assistant posts in various organizations. The position of computer operators was different.

Now two posts have been created - one office assistant cum computer operator and the other positions of peons in each office. Now it has been lifted. The government has saved some money through such initiatives.

According to a source in the finance ministry, manpower is being recruited every year. Some posts are in different ministries which do not require an appointment. It stays empty for a long time. Ministries propose the abolition of such posts to the Ministry of Finance.

However, another reason for the recent abolition of posts is the reorganization of the manpower structure in various departments, directorates and agencies. That is why many old posts are being abolished.

Sources further said that the government has taken the initiative to modernize the railways. Following this, many posts in the Ministry of Railways were abolished last year.

There are 40,275 registered jobs in the railways. In contrast, 24,573 people are working.

A senior official of the Railway Ministry said that after the appointment in 2010, no more appointments were made.

But the cadre composition and other official restructuring recommended by the railway reform project are needed.

Besides, manpower needs to be recruited according to the approved structure.

To that end, the Ministry of Public Administration abolished various posts in the railways in August 2020. Earlier, it was approved by the finance ministry. Now there is a possibility of creating new posts out of the defunct ones.

According to the Ministry of Finance, before the abolition of the post, the concerned ministry identified the abolished post and sent it to the Ministry of Public Administration subject to the approval of the minister of the concerned ministry. From there it is sent to the finance department.

The finance department sends it to the expenditure management department and the sub-division of state-owned enterprises.

After receiving the consent, it was sent to the Secretary Committee on Administrative Development for the recommendation.

The GEO is then prepared by the administrative ministry and sent to the finance department for implementation.

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