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Mirsarai Maternal and Child Welfare Center awaits inauguration

26,000 people to get medical service

Published : 04 Jan 2022 12:05 AM | Updated : 04 Jan 2022 03:12 PM

A 10-bed municipal maternal and child welfare center awaits inauguration at Mirsarai municipality. Once the hospital is opened, about 26,000 people of Mirsarai municipal area will get medical services.

In the meantime, the construction work of most of the facilities including the building has been completed at a cost of Taka 4 crore 53 lakh. Recruitment of manpower will start after the installation.

It was learnt that, the citizens have been demanding a hospital in the municipal headquarters to ensure the medical care of the mother and child. In the last municipal election, the current mayor Md Gias Uddin promised to establish a hospital in the municipal headquarters. The mayor fulfilled his election promise by implementing a 10-bed maternal and child welfare center project in the municipal headquarters.

The Union Health Sub-Center was established in 1960 at the Upazila Sadar to provide medical services to the residents of Mirsarai Sadar Union. About 15,000 people of Sadar Union used to receive various medical services at that center. Mirsarai Municipality was formed in 2000 with some parts of Sadar Union. 

The Union Health sub-center is also under the municipality. After that, due to the crisis of doctors and dilapidated condition of the building the activities of the health sub-center came to a standstill for a while.

Mirsarai Municipality Mayor Md Gias Uddin said, “A group of people was trying to grab the government land of the union health sub-center as its activities were stalled. But the authorities concerned took action against the occupiers and protected the place.” 

He also said, “Mirsarai municipality is home to about 26,000 people, including floating people. There is no hospital in the municipal headquarters for them to get health care officially. So, thanks to the sincerity of Mirsarai MP, former minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain for the 10-bed mother and child welfare center. The work of the center is almost over. After handing over the building to the Upazila Health Officer from the district health department, manpower will be recruited. The health center will be inaugurated once the manpower is recruited.”

Anwar Hossain, an official of the hospital's construction contractor, said that they got the construction work at a cost of Tk 4.53 crore. Six months ago, the construction of a two-storied hospital building, a two-storied residential building, a security gate and a boundary wall has been completed. The health department has been informed about the progress of the new building.

Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, Shaheda Akhter, said that the mother and child welfare center will be inaugurated soon. The recruitment process has started. However, a medical officer and an assistant will provide services to the locals on the ground floor of the building at the Union Health Sub-center.

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