2,000 doctors to be appointed through special BCS

The government will recruit 2,000 doctors through a special BCS to tackle the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, the Public Service Commission (PSC) is sending the BCS recruitment rules to the Ministry of Public Administration.

PSC Controller of Examinations (Cadre) AIM Nesar Uddin confirmed the information to media on Monday (July 27).

AIM Nesar Uddin said that two thousand more doctors will be recruited through the new special BCS. For this, the BCS rules have to be amended. Work is going on with this. It is expected that it will not take much time for the public administration to issue amended rules and alleviate the crisis of doctors.

On April 30, the PSC had recommended the temporary appointment of 2,000 doctors to deal with the emergency situation. On that day, the commission also recommended the appointment of 5,054 senior nurses. The Directorate of Health issued a notice on May 10 appointing 2,000 doctors.

On the basis of the results of the 39th (Special) BCS Examination, 2018, in the light of the recommendation of the PSC and the notice of the Ministry of Public Administration, they were appointed to the post of Assistant Surgeon of the Bangladesh Civil Service (Health) Cadre.

Despite this, due to the shortage of doctors, doctors are being recruited through the new BCS as per the demand of the Ministry of Health, said PSC.