Zero daily Covid-19 death in 20 months

We cannot afford to be negligent anymore

Published : 21 Nov 2021 08:35 PM

The country on Saturday recorded zero daily Covid-19 death for the first time in around 20 months. This is good news indeed. Covid-19 situation continues improving in our country as the government has been able to deal with the pandemic situation successfully and efficiently.

Bangladesh ranks first in South Asia and 20th in the world in the ‘Covid-19 Resilience Ranking’ compiled by the US news agency Bloomberg for successful handling of Corona pandemic, economic revival and keeping the livelihoods running. We applaud the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s bold and timely steps in order to build a vibrant health management to tackle Coronavirus pandemic. The government has also managed to secure a steady supply of Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccination program is going on in a full swing and around 48 million people have already received at least first dose. Beside, vaccination of school students has also begun across the country. And all the people eligible for vaccination according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) would be brought under vaccination by mid of next year.

In this regard, the government must establish good governance, transparency and accountability with innovative strategies and ideas to face future challenges. Also, we all people have to maintain the health rules including wearing masks as the Covid-19 might hit the country again during winter.

We all will have to remain cautious during

 this winter even after 

taking the Covid-19 jabs

The winter has already started knocking the door and it has been noticed that many countries across the globe have been experiencing Coronavirus during the winter. UK, Austria, Germany and some other countries in Europe and USA have already witnessing the increasing trend of the Covid-19. Austria will become the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full Covid-19 lockdown, it said on Friday as neighbouring Germany warned it may follow suit. Therefore, we all have to be careful about the cold and cough as the winter is approaching.

According health experts and physicians, people need to eat Vitamin-C enriched fruits and food items alongside maintaining the health guidelines to remain protected from the deadly virus. We need to launch a massive campaign across the country immediately to make people aware about resurge in Covid-19 infection during the winter.

World’s most developed countries suffered a lot even having highly efficient healthcare systems during the third wave of Coronavirus pandemic, but Bangladesh managed the crisis more efficiently. However, pandemic has exposed some loopholes in our health system. 

Therefore, we all will have to remain cautious during this winter even after taking the Covid-19 jabs so that we will be able to keep continuing the wheels of the country's economy in coming days.