Youth ‘convicted, fined’ by clerics

Madrasah authorities adamant to hang garland of shoes

Students, teachers and the authorities of Gacchbari(Akuni) Majahirul Ulum Madrasah at Kanaighat upazila of the district have vowed to punish a young man by forcing him to walk around  in the area with a garland of shoes wrapped around his neck and realise a fine of Taka 50,000 from him as a punishment for his 'objectionable' comment on the Facebook recently. 

According to sources, the decision of the Madrasah to punish the young man was announced on January 21 and the last day for implementing the decision was set on January 25 but the accused young man being escaped the area, the Madrasah authorities failed to punish him.  However, Principal of the Madrasah Maulana Azmat Ullah has vowed to implement the decision as soon as possible. 

It is learnt, Sahar Uddin (32), son of Ahmed Ali of village Agtaluk under Kanaighat upazila, made an 'objectionable' comment on Facebook against Maulana Alimuddin Durlavpuri, Central President of Jamayaat -e- Ulema, Bangladesh and Principal of Kanaighat Darul Ulum Madrasah which enraged the students, teachers and the Principal of the Madrasah.

In protest against the FB comment, the madrasah authorities organised a meeting at the madrasah and declared to move Shahar Uddin in the area by wrapping garland made of shoes around his neck and to realise a fine of Taka 50,000 from him within January-25. 

Meanwhile, mixed reactions have been created in the area for such decision of punishment. Followers of Maulana Alim Uddin Durlavpuri have commented the incident of posting indecent remark against Alimuddin as a 'mistreatment' and that is why he (Shahar Uddin) should be punished. 

Meanwhile, Advocate Emdadullah Shahin, former President of Sylhet district Advocate Bar informed, no one has the right to announce any punishment and to implement that except that of the court. If anyone writes any objectionable comment against any one, she/he may seek legal action through the court seeking justice. 

Shamsuzzoaha, Officer-in-charge of Kanaighat police station, said he was unaware of any such meeting and decision of punishment against any one by the madrasah authorities.  Farid Uddin, Superintendent of Police of Sylhet informed, no one has submitted any written complaint about the incident that is why no action has been taken in this connection.