Young Sheldon season 6 clip reveals Georgie, Meemaw’s prison stay

Published : 29 Sep 2022 09:07 PM

Young Sheldon season 6's first clip has been released, revealing Georgie and Meemaw's stint in prison after getting arrested in the season 5 finale.

Georgie and Meemaw's prison stay is revealed in a newly released Young Sheldon season 6 clip. The Big Bang Theory spinoff's nearing return to the small screen has prompted CBS to ramp up their marketing efforts for the show. Set to pick up after the season 5 cliffhanger finale, the Young Sheldon season 6 premiere will provide fans with answers regarding some of their most burning questions about the future for the Coopers.

Much has changed for Sheldon and his family in the last couple of years. Sheldon started college, while Mary and Georgie recently lost their jobs. Young Sheldon season 5, however, was particularly crucial for Georgie, who decided to drop out of school and start working full time at Meemaw's laundromat/illegal gambling den. As he immersed himself in full adulthood, the eldest Cooper kid also started dating the much-older Mandy, and the pair accidentally got pregnant. Desperate for cash to support his unborn child and their mother, Georgie and Meemaw attempted smuggling cigarettes across the border to sell. Unfortunately for them, they ended up getting arrested.

The first Young Sheldon season 6 clip shows Meemaw and Georgie's stint in prison. The pair talks about their situation, Georgie and Mandy's pregnancy, and George's impending arrival to bail them out. Overall, it's a sweet one-on-one scene with the duo, which rarely happens in the family comedy. 

After her introduction in season 5, Emily Osment's promotion to series regular as Mandy in Young Sheldon season 6 hints this pregnancy arc will continue moving forward. Based on the clip above, it seems like the Coopers' eldest kid is really committed to being there for his unborn child and their mother, despite how difficult the situation is. This isn't lost on Meemaw, who subtly commends him for his effort to raise money for the baby. It's worth noting, however, that when Georgie appeared on The Big Bang Theory, there was no mention of him having kids. He also didn't seem to have a wife (although he had some exes), so it's possible that Mandy's pregnancy doesn't end with childbirth.