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Lodging fake cases against people

Writ petition filed against Rajarbagh Pir syndicate

Published : 16 Sep 2021 10:33 PM | Updated : 17 Sep 2021 02:14 AM

A writ petition has been filed against the Rajarbagh Pir and his disciples (murid) for doing misdeeds and unholy activities in the name of religion and for their involvement behind filing fake cases against innocent people. 

At least 20 victims from different parts of the country filed the writ with the High Court (HC) on Thursday (September 16). Advocate Mohammad Shishir Manir, a lawyer of the Bangladesh Super Court (SC) and the counsel of the petitioners, confirmed the matter to the media. 

In the writ, the petitioners requested the High Court to issue a rule as to why the legal action should not be taken against Rajarbagh Pir Dillur Rahman and his disciples. 

Besides, the higher court’s direction has been sought so that the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) will submit a report after investigating the assets and bank accounts of the Rajarbagh Darbar Sharif and Pir Dillur Rahman. At the same time, an inquiry has been sought into the fake cases filed against the applicants across the country. 

In the writ petition, 20 people, including Secretary of the Home Ministry and Inspector General of Police (IGP) have been made respondents. 

Rajarbagh Darbar Sharif, a centre of Sufism and mystic beliefs situated in the capital’s Shantibag area, is allegedly involved in misdeeds and unholy activities in the name of religion as well as Islam.   

Earlier, the High Court had expressed surprise over the involvement of the Rajarbagh Pir syndicate behind filing 49 fake cases against one Ekramul Ahsan Kanchan, a resident of Shantibag in the capital. The Pir syndicate harassed him for a piece of land adjacent to Rajarbagh Darbar Sharif. 

The Rajarbagh Darbar Sharif runs centring the Rajarbagh Pir named Dillur Rahman. He has a number of ardent disciples (murid). Many of the disciples as well as the Rajarbagh Pir syndicate allegedly harass many people to materialise their ill-motive. They are allegedly involved in case manipulation and torture on innocent people.