WP greets first coronavirus survivor

Leaders of Workers Party greeted first coronavirus survivorwith flowers in Rajshahi on Monday noon.

According to sources, the first coronavirus was detected to UmmeKulsum, a housewife who came to Rajshahi from Narsingdi.

She had been in  self-quarantine at her home and later her husband Khademul Islam (60) and their daughter Rukaiya Islam (19) were also infected with the virus.

They were also kept isolated  at home  and treated locally. All three members of the family, however, were fully cured of the coronavirus infection for their disciplined way of life and for maintaining hygienic rules and healthy way of life. 

Corona winner UmmeKulsum informed whenever she came to learn that she had been the first bearer of coronavirus under Rajshahi City Corporation, she thought herself a guilty of dragging the entire city into a danger. Later on, her husband and daughter were also infected with the virus.

 She added, from that feeling of guilt they were serious and were holding their mental power with a heightened spirit that is why they have been able to defeat the coronavirus successfully. 

Workers Party leaders including General Secretary of Rajshahi city unit of WP DebashishPramanikDebu, WP leaders Abdul Matin and Nazmul Karim Opu went to the house of  UmmeKulsum and greeted the families with flowers, fruits and hand sanitizers.