Workshop on arsenic-free water held in Satkhira

Published : 27 Nov 2019 07:27 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:36 AM

A daylong workshop on arsenic free water has been held in Satkhira. The workshop was inaugurated by Civil Surgeon Dr Sheikh Abu Shaheen Satkhira Sadar Hospital on Tuesday morning.

District Education Officer SM Abdullah Al Mamun, District Primary Education Officer Ruhul Amin spoke at the workshop. Senior Medical Officer Dr Saifullah Kaffee presented the workshop on multimedia projector and conducted District Health Education Officer Pulak Chakraborty. 50 teachers participated in the workshop at the secondary and primary level.

Civil surgeon said in the workshop. Sheikh Abu Shahin said that although the number of arsenic patients has decreased, Bangladesh is not free of risk. Arsenic water cannot be made arsenic free. It is harmful to have more than 0.05 milligrams of arsenic per liter of water. One in every 1,000 people suffer from arsenic. About 65 percent of arsenic sufferers are women. So to achieve the SDG target of 2030, we need to ensure safe water.