Women’s Brigade launched to prevent violence in Khulna

It is important to build a strong platform for women to stop violence against women and child marriage. This stage is the first step in gaining strength to protest and resist. 

This remark was made by the speakers at a meeting while forming Khulna Women’s Brigade for preventing violence against women and child marriage, held at the ‘Rupantar’ Training Centre in Khulna on Thursday.

They also said, if women can build resistance first, conscientious men will also come and stand by them as allies. Now we need to face the adversity with courage and move forward. If women are left behind, society will not be able to move forward. 

The meeting was organized on behalf of Rupantar’s Project to motivate social organizations to prevent violence against women under the funding of USAID, UKAID, in collaboration with Counterpart.

The meeting was chaired by Swapan Kumar Guha, Executive Director of ‘Rupantar’ while Jinat Ara Ahmed, PID Khulna Senior Information Officer was the chief guest. District Child Affairs Officer Md. Abul Alam was the special guest and Asim Anand Das, coordinator of the project, delivered the introductory speech.

At the meeting, a 25-member Women’s Brigade was formed making Adv. Shamima Sultana Shilu the convener, Shahana Parveen, Ismat Ara Hira and Pakhi Dutt the joint conveners and Utthan Roy as member secretary.  This brigade is made up of grassroots women and representatives of the third sex.