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Why Spider-Man 4's MCU crossover character should be Storm

Published : 17 Jan 2022 08:11 PM

Following Sony and Marvel’s tradition of having a prominent MCU character crossing over studios in each ‘Spider-Man’ film,'Spider-Man 4’, starring Tom Holland’s version of the character, should feature Johnny Storm. Already a box-office hit even for non-pandemic standards, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ represented both a conclusion to the first three movies and the perfect setup for an all-new trilogy. While details about the next installment in the series are still a mystery, both Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal have implied that Sony and Marvel will continue to jointly develop the ‘Spider-Man’ films. As the ‘Fantastic Four’ prepares to make its MCU debut, the Human Torch may be the perfect option for a role in the sequel.

From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ to ‘No Way Home’, each MCU Spider film has featured one or more characters from the Marvel universe. A direct result of Sony and Marvel’s collaboration, that creative decision has made it possible for ‘Spider-Man’ to interact with other MCU icons such as Tony Stark, Nick Fury, and ‘Doctor Strange’. While the next film in the ‘Spider-Man’ series will be the start of a new chapter in the character’s journey, there is nothing to say that Marvel and Sony will not carry on their crossover tradition.

At the end of ‘No Way Home’, Peter finds himself lonelier than he has ever been. With the entire planet having forgotten his existence, Parker heads towards college with nothing but Spider-Man in his life. This scenario perfectly sets up what is being called the “college trilogy," in which Peter will have to face the challenges of adulthood without the support of other friends and heroes as before.