Why audience for drama are decreasing

Eid drama means too much advertisement --- such has been heard for several years. Sometimes the tone of the Eid accusations was somewhat soft, but again the old allegations have been raised. The small-scale makers also agree with the viewers. Many makers are complaining on social media about excessive ad use of television channels that has grown intolerable.

Apart from advertising, the impact of cricket has also affected this. As a result, the number of audience of dramas has decreased too. However, due to excessive advertising the viewers and makers are annoyed over the channels.

Popular small screen director Sagar Jahan says, “This Eid I did not see too many dramas because of the Cricket World Cup. Still I didn’t get to see any drama even after I planned to see it. The amount of advertising has increased greatly. It is a very difficult task to see drama with many advertisements.”

He further said, “Now there are many producers who are making online play. But television is the ideal place to watch drama. We have to maintain the habit of viewing the television dramas. That is why those who are channel authorities will have to take initiative. The initiative should be taken so that the advertisements are not shown at such rate during the coming Eid-ul-Adha.”

A seven-episode serial, directed by Sagar Jahan, has been aired in Bangla Vision. Tareq Akhand, the head of the program of Bangla Vision, said differently. Disagreeing with the words of the Sagar Jahan, he said, “I do not know why makers are giving Facebook status about ads! Eid advertisement has been promoted less than last year. I can talk about my channel; I have just advertised for 25 minutes in the evening from six to eleven. All dramas have been broadcasted with limited advertisements.”

He claimed that due to the Cricket World Cup, all the advertisements have gone to the play channel. No such ad was found in the past. Tareq Akhanda added, the need of advertisements to keep the channel alive. Television is not a charity organization. It is difficult to maintain a television channel without advertising.

Meanwhile, the young generation's popular director Mizanur Rahman Aryan did not complain about advertising. He talked about the quality of plays. According to him, relatively fewer dramas have been aired this year. Arian said that majority dramas of this Eid are not that good. Some dramas will be good; some plays will not be as good as that. Out of these a few dramas were commendable. Actually, many good makers are not making drama because of which we are being deprived of good drama.”

On the other hand, Baishakhi TV's event chief Ahsan Kabir said, due to the Cricket World Cup the audience has decreased. He said that due to the Eid and Cricket World Cup being at the same time the drama TRP has decreased. Eid day had match of Bangladesh cricket team. No one saw the dramas keeping that. 

Regarding the advertisement, he said, the advertisements cannot be reduced in the dramas. No television channel can do it. Seven years ago, the government could take policy on reducing advertising. But it did not back then. If cable companies had given money to the channels, then it would have been possible to broadcast advertisements less on television. Television channels will not have to advertise so much only when every channel of Bangladesh has been turned into a ‘pay channel’.