Wheat-laden lighter ship sinks in Bay

Published : 20 May 2022 08:46 PM

A lighter vessel "MV Tamim", carrying 1,600 tonnes of wheat, completely sank into water in Tillar char area in the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday evening.

Jamal Hossain, Executive Director of Samata Shipping and Logistics and owner of MV Tamim said the ship was sank into the water and the wheat demolished after sinking into the water.

Earlier, a crack was developed in the front hatch of the vessel after being hit by a shoal and huge water entered into it. Later, water entered the middle of the vessel and sank with cargo, he added. The MV Tamim was operated by Samata Shipping and Logistics at the Water Transport Cell (WTC) serial. Following the incident, another vessel rescued all 12 crew of sunken MV Tamim.

The ship would be rescued after visiting insurance company officials at the said place of occurrence, he said.  Water Transport Cell (WTC) Joint Secretary (operations) Ataul kabir Ranju said the lighter vessel, carrying wheat weighing 1,600 tonnes of wheat, left the outer anchorage of Chattogram port for Dhaka and capsized at Bay of Bengal.

The lighter vessel unloaded wheat worth Taka 6.68 crore from a mother vessel anchored at outer anchorage of Chattogram port and left for Dhaka on Tuesday morning.

The vessel of Samata Shipping and Logistics was carrying wheat for Nabil Auto Flour Mill in Dhaka.