Water bodies of Narayanganj in jeopardy, biodiversity in danger

Published : 28 Nov 2022 07:12 PM

The narrow canals and different categories basins are filled by illegal earth filling traders and thus the entire area of Narayanganj district is losing its eco-friendly environment.

If the land administration conducts surveys according to the land map then they will find very rare water bodies exist among all in the map. In such a kind of forcible earth filling in ponds, canals and other basins creating a chain of crimes.

In each mouza map of this district has fifty to hundred ponds but no more now can be seen practically.

Two types of businessmen like sand lifters and dredger owners who have been running their trade of hundred crores taka per year without paying revenue to the Government.

Moving in all walks of the district it is found that the dredger syndicate set up their machine in the river extracting sand to sell the land owner ten taka per square feet for fill-up low land, ponds and canals. This type of business is run by local musclemen who forcibly captured the land of weak people and after filling sand collected money at their own will.   

Without having any license at least two patterns of business are running that traders became man of crore paying any revenue.

The government has lost a huge amount of revenue from the two categories of business and also generated crime often as well as lost water bodies like ponds.

Earth-filling and land selling, in these two categories traders became men of crore overnight but they have any license so that they have no pay any revenue.

The land businessman without conduct registered deed took the land from the people by the power of attorney deed that the Government has been losing huge amounts of money.

After completing a power of attorney deed, the land businessman sells to the people making different plots with a huge amount of benefit.

A gang of people set up dredgers in the river extracting sand filling low land, even water bodies like ponds, even basins, which is barred by the law.

A dredger owner Khokon Prodhan said that we have to take license and varieties official rules for only carrying sand but traders who are gang of local hoodlums filling sand to peoples land and taking 8-10 taka square feet from land owner purchased and other cost totally 3 taka they have pay any amount of revenue and no need of license.

The land plot traders in the locals except housing companies selling land became men of crore without paying any revenue.