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Wahiduzzaman’s ‘Rohingya’: A film on Rohingya issue

Published : 10 Nov 2021 09:03 PM | Updated : 12 Nov 2021 11:32 AM

Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond is known for making films on various contemporary issues. His next upcoming film is based on the Rohingya issue, which waits for a release. 

However, the movie 'Rohingya' already got uncut censor clearance. 

National Film Award-winning producer Wahiduzzaman Diamond started production of this film in 2017, and it was supposed to be released in 2020. But the plan was thwarted by Corona. Let's get to know the details of the ‘Rohingya’ movie.

Diamond scripted the film in 2012, and he had a plan to go to Myanmar and shoot the movie among the Rohingyas. But at that time, Kofi Annan went to inspect the condition of Rohingyas and faced obstacles. Seeing that incident, Diamond backed away from the plan.

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However, when the Rohingyas of Myanmar started being persecuted again in 2016, they started taking refuge in Bangladesh. Therefore, the screenplay of Diamond's film has also changed.

Seeing this situation of Rohingyas, he started shooting in the country and changed the story too.

The shooting of the film started in September 2017 at Ukhia Camp in Cox's Bazar. The movie was filmed in various places, including Naf River, Shahpari Island, and Teknaf. The set of Myanmar is made in the Ukhia camp, and scenes of the Myanmar part are captured there.

Wahiduzzaman Diamond's film 'Rohingya' is about the inhuman torture and killing of Rohingyas in Rakhine, Myanmar. The film depicts the real-life of their miserable lives. Further, the director also tried to portray the role of the international media in the film. However, along with ethnic issues, personal tragedy will also emerge here. For example, the separation of two siblings and the tragic consequences of one in the end.

The Rohingya crisis has not emerged in one day, and it has a long due history. Therefore, this crisis is now an international issue. Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi's role in the Rohingya crisis, has been highlighted in the film and the report of the commission formed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The role of the United Nations has also been highlighted. The film is co-produced by Shabnam Shehnaz Chowdhury and Diamond.

Director Diamond has almost finished the work of the Rohingya film. The dubbing of the film is also in the final stage. The team will continue the work of the final editing. This film is a manifestation of the systematic plan, various researches on the story, thoughts on the construction style, and its conscious aspirations to realize the dream cherished for a long time.

Now the movie got uncut clearance from the censor board, and Diamond is preparing for release any week in December as he believes no occasion is required for such movies.  -UNB

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