Vermicompost gains popularity among Chuadanga farmers

Published : 18 Nov 2022 08:55 PM

Production of vermicompost fertilizer is being produced commercially in Chuadanga recently under the auspices of a marginal farmer at village Pitomberpur in Sadar upazila of Chuadanga. On the other hand, 29 entrepreneurs have been producing 192 metric tons of vermicompost fertilizer per month in four upazila of the district. 

The entrepreneur is Ashabul Hoque, son of Abu Bakar of village Pitombopur in Sadar Upazila of the district. He is an illiterate person. His name is only signed by him. Anyhow under the direction of local agriculture extension department he started his new career that is making vermicompost fertilizer from 2019 at his village.

    It is learnt, it is the product of the decomposition process using various species of worms like red wigglers, white worms, earthworm, decomposing vegetables, food waste and bedding materials.     

    At the beginning he started his this career on the premises of his home using five rings at a tin shed for production of vermicompost fertilizer. After passing one year he extended his project after making benefit.  Due to increasing his capital he arranged more small size of tanks (Chowbachchha) and rings to keep smell less cow dung, decomposed vegetables, other food waste and worms for producing vermicompost fertilizer. About 50 metric tons of vermicompost fertilizer is produced per month now, he said. 

He is now producing not only vermicompost fertilizer but also other organic fertilizer on 3 bighas of land taking lease from a villager of the village. So local ASA has given him tk. 12,00,000 as loan for the venture. His business is now wide in the district. 

    It is learnt, he has appointed 25 labors of the areas for working at the venture. They are paid each at tk. 12000 per month as salary. Mahbub Alam, a labor of the business said, he is now happy for getting the job and maintaining his family without hesitation and anxiety.

Vermicompost fertilizer and organic fertilizer are being sold at tk. 10 per kg and tk. 8 per kg. Farmers of the areas have been buying the fertilizer from him for using on their plants and crop. 

 Dr Anisur Rahman, chief scientific officer of Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute, Dr Mezbah Ul Alam, Additional Director of Agriculture Extension Department and Talha Zubair Masrur, Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer visited the project of Ashabul Hoque. 

Torikul Islam, Manager of ASA, NGO, Chuadanga said the organization has given loan to Ashabul Hoque for running the project smoothly. If others come to the organization, ASA will also allocate loan to them. 

According to District Agriculture Extension Department, a total of 29 entrepreneurs are producing 192 metric tons of vermicompost fertilizer per month in four upazila of the district. 

Of the total, 102 metric tons are produced by 10 entrepreneurs in sadar upazila, 50 metric tons fertilizer by 8 entrepreneurs in Alamdanga upazila, 23 metric tons fertilizers by 6 entrepreneurs in Damurhuda upazila and 17 metric tons fertilizer by 5 entrepreneurs in Jibannagar upazila per month.  

Abdul Hakim, a sub-assistant agriculture officer of Sadar upazila  said the fertilizer are put on maize, papaya and banana and other plants that’s why it is covered sufficient nutrition as huge production is achieved.     

Nazmul Hoque, sub-assistant agriculture officer said, fertility of land has decreased due to use of chemical fertilizer on vegetables field since long. To recover the fertility we are advising to farmers using vermicompost fertilizer on crop lands. 

Bevash Chandra Saha, Deputy Director of Chuadanga Agriculture Extension Department, said we are supporting to Ashabul Hoque for progressing the project. The use of this fertilizer in the land will increase the fertility of the land.