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Vandalism won’t be tolerated in the name of movement: LGRD Minister

Published : 13 Aug 2022 08:30 PM

Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister Md Tajul Islam said that strict action will be taken against anyone who tries to harm public life by attacking, vandalizing and bombing in the name of agitation.

Movement for democratic rights. But no one has the right to make people's lives miserable by creating anarchy in the country in the name of this right. The minister urged to be responsible in this regard.

He said these things in his speech as the chief guest at the discussion meeting, doa mahfil and voluntary blood donation program organized by Bangladesh Upazila Parishad Association at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Saturday.

The minister said that those who are shouting that Bangladesh is finished or destroyed, humanity is lost. They prove how the country ended. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman fought and fought all his life to make this country free, saying that he would put smiles on people's faces. His daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working day and night to fulfill that dream. And anti-freedom gangs are trying to mislead people that the country is being destroyed. He also mentioned that as long as the country is in the hands of Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh will not lose its way.

Md. Tajul Islam said that people all over the world are suffering due to the effect of Russia-Ukraine war. It has also affected the people of our country. After the Corona crisis, there is unrest in the world due to the Ukraine-Russia war. Fuel is increased to meet the impending crisis. It is temporary. Everyone should be united to face this crisis. In this context, he said, as a result of the increase in the price of energy, one-third of the people in the UK will fall below the poverty line. Crisis is brewing in many other countries. Judging by the international environment and the environmental situation of other countries, it cannot be denied that we are doing well.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always wants the welfare of people. When he takes the decision, it must be public welfare. He also said that Sheikh Hasina took decisions thinking about the welfare of the people.

The minister said that development partner countries/organizations are interested in giving loans because Bangladesh has the ability to repay its debt. If the country cannot repay the loan, then knowingly no one will give the money. Knowing that Bangladesh will become Sri Lanka, no one will ever think of giving a loan. He urged those who are creating fear among the people by spreading false propaganda that the country will become Sri Lanka, to desist from such activities.

The chief guest said that before the announcement of the budget, Saifur Rahman of BNP used to go to the Paris Consortium and sit for money since February. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given importance to strengthening her own economy by stopping that tradition. He made a long-term plan to build a developed country. People are enjoying the benefits.

The minister said that Sheikh Hasina started the progress of development in all other sectors including power generation when she first came to power but stopped it after BNP-Jamaat coalition came to power in 2001. Returning to power in 2009, Bangabandhu is running the country with ideals.

Md. Tajul Islam also said that industries and factories are necessary to continue economic activities. It needs electricity. Sheikh Hasina's government has delivered electricity to every house in the country. There have been unprecedented changes in education, health, agriculture and communication systems. A group does not like these achievements. They are happy to speak for those who oppose freedom, those who do not want to develop the country, want to destroy the country. There will be limitations and everyone must be united to fulfill their dreams.

President of Upazila Parishad Association Harun-or-Rashid Howladar and general secretary Saiful Islam Khan Biru conducted the event, health and population affairs secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Dr. Rebecca Sultana and most of the upazila parishad chairmen and vice chairmen of the country were present.