UZ chairman, UNO carry relief on shoulders to aboriginal families

Chairman of Durgapur Upazila and the Upazila Nirbahi Officer along with other officials have delivered relief goods by carrying those on their own shoulders to the Adibashi (aboriginal) people of remote village Purantahir under Naopara union of Durgapur upazila. 

According to source 13 aboriginal families have been living by building thatched cottages at Purantahir village without any relief. Chairman of Durgapur upazila Nazrul Islam, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mohsin Mridha, Upazila Project Implementation Officer Belal Hossain and other officials carried sack of relief items in their shoulders and delivered it to those families on Tuesday noon. 

Upazila Project Implementation Officer Belal Hossain said all the adult members of those Adibashi families used to earn their livelihood by working as day laborers. Due to Coronavirus situation, they had no work for a couples of week and they could not even come out of their cottages under such situation. As a result, those Adibashi families were starving for want of food.  On Tuesday noon, Upazila Chairman Nazrul Islam, UNO Mohsin Mridha and other officials visited the village with relief goods and delivered those to the helpless Adibashi families. 

UNO Mohsin Mridha informed, those Adibashi families were not being permanent residents of the village, remained deprived of getting any government relief. They have been facing crisis of food in recent times and by being informed, he along with the Upazila Chairman carried the relief goods to the village and delivered those to the family members.