Use of Roman letters is a threat to Bangla

Revive our alphabet

With the rise of social media and text messaging, the last decade has seen an alarming trend which is threatening the existence of Bangla language. On text messages and online discussions, the use of Roman letters when communication in Bangla is a growing trend. Whether the user is using a mobile phone or a computer, a majority are switching to Roman letters and disregarding Bangla alphabets entirely. 

The main reason behind this is the convenience of typing in Roman letters. Most keyboards on computers and phones are only equipped with Roman letters. Additional software is needed in one wants to use Bangla alphabets. Therefore, many people, especially youngsters prefer to use Roman letters when typing out Bangla phrases. Use of Roman letters is leading to distortion of our language and eroding the sanctity of our mother tongue. 

Writing with Roman  letters is leading to

 distortion of our language and eroding

 the sanctity of our mother tongue

As a community, we must not stand by as our language is slowly dying. After all, only Bangla speakers can boast of fighting for the right to speak their own language. Today, the language movement of 1952 is recognized all over the world and celebrated as International Mother Language Day. Therefore, we have the utmost responsibility of preserving our language and preventing its misuse in daily life. 

In order to decrease the use of Roman letters, we need to introduce easy to type software for phones and cell phones which will be readily available free of cost. Moreover, we need to teach the younger generation the importance of using Bangla alphabet and its significance to our culture and heritage. We must come forward to preserve our language and safeguard our letters at all costs.