Urmila stars at UNICEF cancer awareness documentary

Published : 25 Sep 2023 08:30 PM

Featuring the young actress Urmila Srabanti Kar, Jewel Rana has made a documentary for UNICEF aimed at raising public awareness about cervical cancer. The documentary was shot on Sunday, with Urmila dedicating a significant amount of love and effort to present herself effectively in this production, filmed in Manikganj.

Urmila Srabanti Kar said about working in the documentary, "I have previously worked on several public awareness documentaries. To be honest, working on a documentary like this is immensely fulfilling. Not only as an artist but also as a conscious individual, I believe I have a responsibility to contribute to addressing societal inconsistencies and problems by shedding light on them."

"I worked on this UNICEF documentary with the objective of increasing awareness about cervical cancer in girls. I hope it will be released soon and prove beneficial to everyone," she added. Urmila's debut movie, 'From Bangladesh,' directed by Shahnewaz Kakoli, is eagerly anticipated for release.

In the meantime, Urmila has commenced work on the new drama serial 'Ghorer Shatru Bibhishan,' directed by Sajin Ahmed Babu. Furthermore, she will soon embark on a new project directed by Idris Haider.