UP chairman’s ‘irregularities’ protested

A human chain was formed to protest various irregularities of Bichali union Parishad chairman SM Anisul Islam at Mirzapur in Narail Sadar upazila on Monday afternoon. 

The human chain was organized by the residents of 12 No. Bichali Union. Hundreds of men and women of the area participated in the human chain and demanded justice of the misdeeds of the chairman.

Hafez Maulana Rubel Ahmed, Md. Saheb Ali, Kawsar Mollah, Md. Enayet Gazi, Md. Bakhtiyar Mollah, Salam Sheikh, Inshar Ali Mollah, Aleka Begum, Jasmin Begum, Sathi Begum and others spoke to the human chain.

Speakers said Bichali Union Parishad Chairman SM Anisul Islam is a fraud, terrorist and a corrupt person. The chairman and his terrorists are abusing power and holding the people hostage with false signatures and harassing innocent people by filing conspiracy cases. No one dares to open his mouth in fear against various misdeeds and corruption of the chairman and his terrorist accomplices. Imran Munshi, Azim Sheikh, Sohan Khandaker, Tariqul Islam alias Tori, Injil Sheikh, Billal Sheikh, Syed Rabiul Islam Robi, Md. Parvez alias Fatik and Aqidul are the associates of the Chairman and his terrorist accomplices.  No men or any women dared to lodge a complaint against them with the police and law enforcement agencies.

Chairman Anisul Islam takes unethical advantage to get various benefits of union Parishad including old age allowance, disability allowance card, widow card.

Bichali UP chairman SM Anisul Islam denied the allegations, saying a  vested quarter was trying to tarnish his reputation by spreading propaganda against him.