Unethical practice of public university teachers

Derelict teachers must be held to account

It is disheartening to note that more than 26 percent of the total teachers in public universities are on various types of leave. According to latest annual report of University Grants Commission (UGC), about 4,027 teachers out of 15,293 teachers in 43 public universities are on at least five types of leave. 

Reportedly, the rate of leave has increased by about two and a half percent in just one year. And in the last three years, the total leave rate has increased by five and a half percent.

The government spends millions of money from its budget to equip teachers with adequate training but these teachers neglect their duties. Besides, a large number of teachers do not come back after going abroad to get higher degrees at government expense.  

A large number of teachers do not 

come back after going abroad to get 

higher degrees at government expense

Most of the part-time teachers in private universities are being hired from different public universities. According to the UGC report, 4,209 teachers are working part-time in 102 private universities. Such involvement of public university teachers in private practices is unlawful and unethical. This is sheer injustice by all means and those teachers engaged in such depravity are shame to the noble profession. 

Teachers have been put on the pedestal of being torch bearers of the society since ages. But in today’s capitalistic world where materialism and corruption has crept into every sphere of life, teachers are deviating away from the original purpose of their noble profession.

In order to put an end to such unethical practices, constant vigilance on the part of authorities concerned is a must. Also there is a need to enact a new and concrete law hold those truant teachers involved in private practices to account.