UNDP to help execute climate-resilient development plans in Cox’s Bazar

Published : 15 Feb 2023 09:11 PM

The international organization UNDP has assured to cooperate in the development of Cox's Bazar and environment-friendly and climate-resilient plans. On Wednesday noon, after visiting the office of Cox's Bazar Development Authority, during the exchange of views with the Chairman, UNDP's Resident Representative (RR) in Bangladesh, Stefan Lilar, gave such an assurance.

  When the delegation led by Stefan Liler reached the office of Cox's Bazar Development Authority at 2 pm, they were welcomed by Committee Chairman Commodore Mohammad Nurul Abshar. The delegation met in an exchange meeting after visiting the Kok office. During the 1-hour exchange of ideas, UNDP Sub Office Chief Robert Stoelman, Technical Expert Researcher Michael Von Tangen Page, Community Safety Program Manager Masood Karim, CXB Operations Unit Officer Sajad Sikder, Caucus Member Engineer Lt. Col. Khizir Khan, Deputy Urban Planner Tanveer Hasan Rezaul, Authority Officer Rishad Un Nabi and others were present.

After the meeting, Chairman of Cox's Bazar Development Authority, Commodore Mohammad Nurul Abshar, said that he had talked with the representatives about the overall development of the socio-economic situation of Cox's Bazar. Cox's Bazar's environmental protection eco-resort development, community-controlled tourism system, keeping sea clean, blue-economy, climate change, communication system development including Maheshkhali-Cox's Bazar connection bridge and sewage treatment plant were informed to them.

He said, COOK has already started the research of making smart eco houses in the coastal area of Cox's Bazar. They were briefed on climate resilience research to improve the quality of life of people near the sea. At the same time, the initiative of establishing a technical and training school related to tourism services for the development of tourism in the tourist city was also informed to the representatives of UNDP.

After the meeting, Chairman of Cox's Bazar Development Authority Md. Nurul Abshar said, the representative of UNDP expressed satisfaction after being informed about the activities of Cox's Bazar Development Authority and future development plans.

They assured cooperation in various activities in future.

After hearing all the delegation assured to work together on these projects. The company has agreed that the resident representative of Bangladesh will come to Cox's Bazar soon to inspect the matter on the ground.