Uncontrolled social media contents

Control spread of misinformation on social media

Published : 04 Feb 2023 09:45 PM

We are gravely concerned over the uncontrolled growth of social media contents. In recent time, we are notifying that using vulgar words, some elements staying at home and abroad are widely circulating various sensitive, fake, fabricated, ill-motivated and hateful contents from their facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube deliberately in a brazen attempt to instigate nationwide violence to bring down Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government. They are making video clips and publishing, uploading, disseminating and spreading those despicable contents on facebook twitters, instagram and youtube.

The high command of the government repeatedly ordered the relevant authorities to control social media contents. Besides, the court directed the authorities concerned to take necessary steps to remove hateful contents from social media. Bangladesh requested social media platforms like facebook and youtube to remove hateful contents from their platforms. But social media platforms did not respond to the requests.

Law enforcement agencies must trace the 

masterminds engaged in spreading falsehoods

 through various social media platforms

Social media platforms should be brought under surveillance and some steps should be taken to this end immediately. But BTRC does not have such monitoring capacity at this moment to watch the social media 24/7. In this regard, posts and telecommunications minister Mustafa Jabbar admits that the government’s hands are tied over removing defamatory contents from facebook, youtube and other online platforms.  It can only report such contents to these platforms.

Taking the chance, the anti-liberation forces in association with BNP-Jamaat clique,  the killers of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Hefazat-e-Islam are now spreading rumors through editing videos and fake news in order to instigate violence. After failing to achieve political gains, they are continuously trying to create unrest by letting loose their people on the political field using various online portals, facebook and youtube in this regard.

When the government goes tough on them, they go into hiding and start uploading fake video and news to youtube and facebook to instigate for committing crimes. They are also hurting the spirit of the Liberation War by taking stand against the state. Therefore, members of different law enforcement agencies must trace the masterminds engaged in spreading falsehoods through various social media like online portals, facebook and youtube in order to misguide people.