Two-day science and technology week begins in Rajshahi

Published : 09 Jun 2023 09:23 PM

A two-day-long district level 44th national science and technology week began in Rajshahi on Friday aimed at flourishing innovative energy among the youths besides generating awareness among them.

District administration organized the event at Rajshahi Court Academy with the theme of "demerits of internet addiction". In the two-day event, science fair and national science Olympiad are being celebrated.

Various schools, colleges and science organisations and clubs from different parts of the district are taking part in the fair displaying their scientific and ICT related innovations in 72 stalls. The main objective of the week is to encourage the young scientists towards more innovation alongside flourishing their latent talents and building a science-minded and knowledge-based society. The fair, featured with science-related seminars and symposiums, will remain open from 10 am to 6 pm for all until June 10.

Additional Commissioner of Rajshahi division Dr Moksed Ali addressed the opening ceremony as the chief guest, while Additional Superintendent of Police KHM Ershad and District Education Officer Nasir Uddin spoke as special guests with Additional Deputy Commissioner Joya Maria Perera in the chair. 

 Additional Commissioner Dr Moksed Ali referred to various aspects of expanding science education towards the doorsteps of the students both in rural and urban areas saying there is no alternative to acquiring scientific knowledge to take forward the nation technologically. 

 Educational institutions should take more responsibility for expanding science education among the students, he said.

Dr Ali also said collective efforts of all quarters, including teachers and parents, has become crucial to prevent abuse of the internet and its abuses by the youths because the issue has been turning into an alarming condition.

 Addiction to the internet as well as its abuse has been creating negative impacts in society. So, its trend needs to be addressed collectively for the sake of building the present students as worthy citizens.

He urged the attending students not to become addicted to the smart phone but take only its benefits. This is the time for the students to become smart by themselves through enriching them with knowledge.

 He defined that smart phones have both merits and demerits and the students and youths should extend their level of knowledge after the best uses of the merits.