Treat Covid-19 vaccines as global public goods

It is high time the vaccine development reached its climax

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the United Nations to make the vaccine of Covid-19 available to all the countries of the world at the same time. She made the plea while virtually addressing the general debate of 75th United Nations General Assembly on Saturday. 

This is truly heartening to see her concern for inclusive and equitable distribution of the vaccine for all countries. The vaccine is crucial for many countries of the world and thus it demands the most efficient way of distribution so that people can get it in the quickest possible time and way.

A report published in this daily says Bangladesh has an adequate pharmaceutical infrastructure and is capable of launching mass-scale production of inoculates if the technical procedure is provided. This is highly productive as this would create a faster production and distribution chain not only in the country but also around the Southeast Asian region.  

Bangladesh has  an adequate pharmaceutical infrastructure 

and is capable of launching  mass-scale production of 

inoculates if  the technical  procedure is  provided.

In this regard, the Prime Minister’s reminder of human fate being interconnected and that none is safe until everyone is safe is well reflected at her approach towards better cooperation in the world community. This is also a projection of the collective action that the current pandemic scene warrants. This situation is something that must be solved as soon as possible. It has been long since the viral outbreak began and has stretched for long.  

The report also expresses the initiative of stimulus packages that have worked towards minimizing the impact of the pandemic on businesses and productivity. Here, the sectors including export-import businesses, small and medium enterprises, loan for employment generation and agriculture have received special focus which highlights the government’s actions to get the country’s economy back on track as soon as possible. 

The premier also underscored the issues of Rohingya genocide and quick return of the Rohingyas to their homeland, climate change, gender equality and role of frontline fighters against Covid-19. This has undoubtedly worked towards putting Bangladesh in the fore regarding international relations and has raised the reputation of Bangladesh in the global arena.