Trainee teachers’ opinion on Bangladesh Post

Some trainees of PTI (Primary Training Institute) urged upon the management of Bangladesh Post to open a page for publication of stories, articles of new methods and strategies of teaching-learning process on primary education. It is learnt that the non-trained primary school teachers get training in the PTI, and it takes one year and six months to complete their training course in the PTI. Some of the trainee teachers of the institute read Bangladesh Post and express their opinions about Bangladesh Post.

In connection with the newspaper, they observe that it I contains sixteen pages and is printed in four brilliant colors. People of all ages and tastes can read letters written in the newspaper. They further like to observe that the newspaper should contain and publish different types of articles for the children in easy English language.

Sabina Yeasmin, a trainee said that Bangladesh Post helped her to enrich English knowledge. She gathers new national and international information from the newspaper. She also added that a new page should be opened to know and study more about primary education in our country and in other countries.

Josna Khatun, another trainee of the PTI said to the Bangladesh Post that she came to know the latest information of the present government and their activities through the Bangladesh Post. ‘Bangladesh Post uses easy, simple and common words. Therefore, she could easily understand and read the newspaper very quickly.

‘I request the management of the Bangladesh Post to publish different stories of primary education like new methods of teaching and educationists' experiences on primary education’ she added. Rojina Khatun, a PTI trainee said, ‘Bangladesh Post publishes sports news, entertainment news, city news, world news, university news on separate pages but no page for primary education. Primary education is the backbone of all education levels. So I think it will be wise to open a page on primary education once a week for growing knowledge’.
Rafiqul Islam, another trainee of the PTI and English teacher told this correspondent that short writings for primary schools' students should be published in the Bangladesh Post on any day of a week.

He also said, the writings of weekly page would be suitable for age level of primary schools students and requested to present the news in simple English suitable for the students of primary schools.Puban Kumar Shadhukhan, a trainee of the PTI added, ‘I suggest my colleaes for reading Bangladesh Post because the setting, get up and using of English are good and understandable’.

Md Maruful Hasan, a teacher of primary school and a trainee of PTI expressed his feeling about Bangladesh Post that structures of sentences are easy to us.