Train service from Khulna restored after 5 hour halt

Published : 21 May 2022 08:23 PM

Five and a half hours after the closure of rail communication with Khulna across the country, it has returned to normal. The temporary problem was caused when a tree fell on the railway line during the Kalbaishakhi storm in Alamdanga of Chuadanga.

It is learned that trees fell on the railway line between Alamdanga and Halsa around 5:30 am on Saturday due to the storm of Kalbaishakhi. After removing the fallen tree at around 11 pm, the train movement resumed after five and a half hours.

Alamdanga station master Nazmul Hussain said that a sudden storm-rain started in Alamdanga on Saturday morning. As a result, many trees fell on the railway line between Alamdanga and Halsa. Since then, the Khulna train service has been cut off from the rest of the country. At that time Nakshikantha Express and Kopotaksh Express were standing at Alamdanga station.The Benapole Express stood at Halsa station in Kushtia and the Sagardari Express stood at Poradaha station. He added that after the removal of the fallen trees, the train movement resumed around 11 pm.