Traditional ‘Bou fair’ kicks off in Tarash

Published : 20 Mar 2022 09:18 PM

A three-day long traditional Bou Fair has started at Naogaon upazila of Tarash in Sirajganj on Saturday. 

This rural traditional fair has been going on for ages at Shah Sharif Zindani (Rah) Mazar in Naogaon upazila, which is also associated with the memory of the liberation war of Tarash in Sirajganj.

Hundreds of wives and mothers-in-laws has set up their shop at the fair permises.

Mutaoli Abdul Hai Sarkar of Shah Sharif Zindani (Rah) shrine said that a three-day annual traditional Bou fair was organized on Saturday as a tradition.  Ashraf Ali Bablu, a member of the organizing committee, said the fair ground use to crowd with thousands of women from Tarash, Ullapara, Pabna's Bhangura, Chatmohar and Natore's Gurdaspur. Especially for one day, the wife and mother-in-law go shopping. In this way, the traditional Bou fair became a reunion fair for wife and mother-in-law in the area.

The special attraction of the fair is the abundance of wooden furniture, household utensils, pottery, cosmetics, sweets and confectionery. On one day of the year, son-in-law and daughter-in-law were brought to their in laws house. As a result, the festive mood spread among the women in the area.