Traders in Bera smile as cattle, goat sale picks up

The cattle traders of Bera upazila of Pabna are smiling as the demand is high at the last moment. Cattle farmers and traders who were worried about losses are calculating profits.

The cattle traders were disappointed as there was no arrival and demand of buyers in the past few days. 

As a result, the sacrificial animals have not been sold in the local markets in the last few days. Many small and seasonal cattle traders were trying to sell cows at losses.

Since Tuesday afternoon, the picture of buying and selling at C and B cattle market has changed. As there is a weekly cattle market on Tuesday, the market is full of cows and goats in the morning. By noon, the cattle traders were disappointed due to the shortage of buyers in the market. 

As the day progressed, buyers gathered at the market. Cow and goat traders get their hopes up. Cows were sold till noon. Buying and selling started in full swing from afternoon till night.

As the demand of buyers increased, so did the price of cattle. About 75 percent of the animals brought to the market by evening were sold.

Due to the increase in the demand for sacrificial animals, the demand for cows, goats, sheep and buffaloes has also increased in the cattle markets of the upazila. 

A large number of cows and goats were imported at the Nakalia cattle market in the upazila on Wednesday.