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Tourism Master Plan by Dec this year

Published : 27 Sep 2022 09:37 PM

Bangladesh is still lagging behind in upholding its tourism potentials to the world despite having all the resources and attractions which can make the tourism industry flourish.  

However, the authorities concerned are saying that by December this year, the Tourism Master Plan will be formed based on which the country’s tourism industry will be moving forward towards a sustainable growth. 

Civil Aviation and Tourism State Minister Md. Mahbub Ali said, “By the end of this year our Tourism Master Plan will be ready. Through this we will be doing everything in a planned way which will help to develop our tourism industry. We are working to reach the desired goal of tourism. If we all work together, we can quickly achieve our specific development goals. We can take the country’s tourism forward.” 

“Effective strategies are being formulated to ensure maximum utilization of the potential of the country’s tourism industry and to 

face future challenges. An initiative will be taken to give the responsibility of tourism to an ADC to coordinate the development of tourism at the district level,” he added.

Tourism insiders are saying that the tourism industry is very promising in Bangladesh, which is blessed with endless natural beauty. Bangladesh has all the tourist attractions to attract foreign tourists. But the big problem in tourism is transportation, communication and infrastructure. 

At present, many roads have been constructed, but the problems are those roads are not properly connected with the tourism spots. Apart from this, the security of the tourist area and the related other problems remain. This problem does not exist if ancillary works including road repair are done with emphasis on tourism areas.

Domestic tourism in Bangladesh has increased at a great rate. Almost 1.5 crore people are now roaming within the country. Also some food tourism has developed. However, the country’s tourism could have developed more in 51 years of independence. However, due to various adversities and lack of coordination, it was not possible. 

In this regard the state minister Md. Mahbub Ali said that there is immense potential and opportunity in our tourism. All the elements and facilities of tourism including our history, heritage, culture, values and nature should be properly presented to the people. Branding of those natural creations has to be done. A positive image of the country should be promoted in the outside world. Only then will foreign tourists feel attracted towards our tourist destinations.  

Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB) officials have informed that the board has some plans for the development of tourism. These include- formulation of necessary policies and updating of existing laws for sustainable tourism development, Promotion and marketing of tourist attractions using digital technology, connecting village people with tourism for the development of ecotourism, creating coordination with the ministries and others. 

BTB CEO Abu Taher Md. Jaber said, “The master plan we all are waiting for is likely to be completed in December, after which we will make an action plan so that at least 50 of the 1051 tourist attractions we have identified will be developed to international standards. Here we will be having public, private and foreign private investment. We are hopeful to be able to do this and tourism will get a new dimension.”