Tougher laws to check money laundering

The statutes need to be enacted and enforced soon

Published : 17 Jun 2021 10:01 PM | Updated : 18 Jun 2021 01:17 AM

Even amid the economic boom in our country, irregularity like money laundering has increased to a great extent. To put an absolute halt to it, government has now decided to take strict actions.

In this regard, the government has proposed 15 new laws which are being enacted and announced soon. These laws are needed to be implemented sooner. Measures are also need to be taken so that people do not get encouraged to launder money.

Government should make less complex investment opportunities and create a better investment environment, then those people will invest in the country instead of sending the money abroad. 

It is time for the government to talk the talk 

and walk the walk when it comes to taking 

actions against money launderers

We also need to digitally track them and bring them into the system and take action following the legal process. These kinds of stern action will demotivate individuals or organisations to get involve with money laundering in the future.

However, promises like these are made every time but they are never being implemented strictly. As a result money laundering flourished in the country as laws and guidelines are not imposed and wrong doers are not held accountable. This is one of the major reasons for which money laundering is not stopping in Bangladesh. It is now time for the government to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to taking actions against money launderers.

Firstly, we need to stop allowing the money from becoming illegal or black before even thinking of reinvesting it or making it white. Regulatory monitoring and management of financial activities of individuals and organisations have become the need of the hour. It will also take goodwill from the government to take proper actions against the money launderers.