TikTok snatcher arrested in Chattogram

Published : 31 Jul 2021 09:19 PM

Chittagong Double Mooring police arrested Farzana Begum, a woman snatcher in Chattogram from Agrabad under the city's Double Mooring police station on Friday. She is known as a TikToker on social media. There are 6 cases against her. 

Police confirmed that Farzana Begum is known as the first female snatcher in Chattogram. She also has her own snatching team with teenagers.

Contacted, Mohammad Mohsin, Officer-in-Charge (OC), Double Mooring Police Station, told Bangladesh Post that Farzana’s first target was  a boy. She stopped him in the name of asking for the address. 

``As soon as the boy stopped, she showed the knife and asked his to pay with the money and mobile phone. Otherwise she threatened to bring charges of eve-teasing and sexual harassment against her``-OC Mohsin added. 

Double Mooring Police OC also said that Rubel, husband of Farzana, was arrested just two days ago with LG and a knife. Currently, he is on remand. 

There are 11 cases against Rubel. He snatched girls necklaces and jewelries. In this case, the ears of the victims are often torn and the throats were cut.