The Trapped 13, makes it onto Netflix S’pore top 10 charts

Published : 06 Oct 2022 08:31 PM

The limited series Thai Cave Rescue, about a team of 12 youth footballers and their coach getting trapped in Thailand’s Tham Luang cave and the global effort to rescue them, is one of the rare Thai dramas that has made it onto Netflix Singapore’s top 10 charts.

While that is a dramatisation of the 2018 incident that captured media attention worldwide, The Trapped 13: How We Survived The Thai Cave is a documentary film that revisits the incident through the eyes of the survivors – the boys and their coach Eak.

Now available on Netflix, it also features first-hand accounts from some of the boys’ family members, local experts and officials, as well as international contributors to the rescue mission, according to report of The Strait Times.

After two years of hybrid screenings, the Japanese Film Festival is back to being a cinema-only event, with 31 titles in its programme line-up. A must-see is the classic anime film Akira (1988, NC16, 124 minutes, screens on Sunday, Oct 15 and 24 and Nov 5 at Projector X: Picturehouse), which begins screening this weekend. 

A cyberpunk action film set in a dystopian Tokyo in 2019, after a devastating third world war, the story revolves around Kaneda, a biker gang leader who tries to rescue his close friend Tetsuo after he gets involved in a secret government project known as Akira.

The movie is widely regarded as one of the best and most important animation films made.

Other films in the line-up include fellow cyberpunk classic Ghost In The Shell (1995) and the live-action movie Anime Supremacy! (2022).

The Japanese Film Festival is presented by Japan Creative Centre, the Embassy of Japan in Singapore and the Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the Singapore Film Society.